Black and Blue Branding

This summer I got to spend a lot of time doing my two favorite activities: 1) hanging out with my kids and 2) taking long walks with them.

This  led to a lot of games of punch buggy and unfortunately…a lot of bruises.

Anyone who thinks a 9 year old can’t hit that hard, hasn’t met my son.

I’m sure you all know the rules, but if you want a refresher, here’s a useful link.

Despite the discomfort of the over energetic punches, I can’t help to continue at marvelling at the sheer  brilliance (perhaps dumb luck?) of this phenomenon.

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More Spicy Video

Yesterday I wrote about using Video to Spice Up Things Up  in your brand communications.

In response, one BrandTwist follower sent me this video from Gillette. It   gives how-to instructions for men on keeping their private parts well-groomed.

I think their phrase “When there’s no under-brush the tree looks taller” sums up the video’s message pretty well.

Is Domino’s the “New Coke”?

Many of you probably remember the Domino’s fiasco of last April when two employees made a rogue video pretending to put disgusting things in the pizza.

The employees were fired, the video was removed from You Tube and the company issued a statement reassuring people on the quality of their food (and their employees).

If you missed the incident, it’s summarized in this video from the Today Show.

Well, a quick 8 months later, Domino’s is creating it’s own viral campaign with this video called “The Pizza Turnaround”.

My question is whether this effort is an effective authentic response, or whether it goes too far in it’s apologetic tone.

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Steal This Chair, Please…The Results.

A few weeks ago I wrote Steal this Chair, Please about an experiment by Blu Dot design and their agency Mono to see if people would “steal” chairs left on the streets of New York.

The results of the campaign were summarized yesterday in this interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal.

The purpose of the campaign was to put into practice Blu Dot’s philosophy of having great design reach as many people as possible.

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Steal this Chair, Please.

chairMono (of Minneapolis) have created an unusual campaign for Client Blu Dot design.

They are putting 25 “Real Good Chairs” in key locations in Manhattan and hoping people will steal them.

That’s because each chair contains a GPS tracking device and has it’s own Twitter feed which link to the website.

The pick-ups are being filmed cloak and dagger style by a camera crew hidden in a van.

You can literally follow the journey of these chairs as they make there way through Manhattan and beyond (one, not surprisingly, has already ended up in Park Slope).

It’s gotten some interesting initial press including this piece in Fast Company.

Cool premise. It will be fun to see how it plays out.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?

What do you think of this campaign?