Great partnership between Google and Sesame Street. Multiple executions ...but still  fresh each time. In case you missed him, Elmo. In all his vibrating glory. And here's the ensemble,...

It’s Getting Blurry Out There

In this new era of fluid collaboration and two way conversations enabled by social media  the lines between sponsors and content have become increasingly...

Sesame Street Turns 40, and Google Celebrates

This image caught my eye this morning. I love it. And I love that it's not over-explained. The cropping and the subtly just draw you right in. I...

Bert and Ernie Rock Google!

In case you missed it. The celebration continues. Miss Piggy are you next? What's your twist? Will we being seeing that fabulous pig and her beloved Kermy?

Google and Sesame Street…Who’s Next?

Yesterday it was Big Bird. Today it's Cookie Monster. Happy 40th Sesame Street! Wonder who's next... What's your twist? Is this an effective brand partnership?