Check out this video from Procter and Gamble (!) for Bounty paper towels.

I applaud the effort to bring some excitement and coolness into the otherwise staid world of paper towels. For the most part I think it works…

The “scientists” are engaging, the copy is really funny (“Bounty, Bounty the baddest PT (paper towels) in your county”), and the demo of the pool balls on the wet towel is original.

On the downside, I think these guys look way too hip, cool and trim to be actual scientists (sorry I am sure I am offending someone,somewhere- but they look like they are spending more time in a gym than a lab).

Might be even funnier if they used guys that looked more like real employees.

In fact the bald one looks a lot like the actor Anthony Edwards who used to play Dr. Mark Greene on ER. I had been wondering what he’d been up to since leaving the show…

I also think the demo, while fresh and tied in well to the hip hop world, is a bit precarious. The pool balls look like they are going to bust through at any moment.

But, maybe that’s part of the suspense.

All and all I think it’s well done and I applaud P&G for thinking outside of the box, and beyond the kitchen counter.

Not sure how this will play with housewives, perhaps the core target, but maybe it will elicit a laugh.

But even if it does flop, at least they tried.

I am sure they will learn more from this experiment then sticking with the same old, same old formula.

Remember, “Fail Harder”, it means you are growing and stretching your brand.

Props to Procter for trying something new.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?

What do you think of this Bounty spot?

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