I was introducing myself the other day to potential investors for one of my projects at work. To keep things fresh, I was trying to avoid the same old description of who I am and what I do…blah, blah, blah…when this new word popped out of my mouth …”Passionista”.

“Brand Passionista”! Eureka! Fits like a glove. Or a Jimmy Choo shoe. I got so excited by this new expression that I almost ditched the meeting to run to my computer and begin blogging about this inspiration.

All this excitement about a word? If you can’t tell by now, I am somewhat of a “wordie” – the literary equivalent of a foodie.

I love words, their power, their nuance. Their ability to produce physical sensations. One of my favorite words is gelato. Just saying it evokes a smooth creamy sensation. I am immediately transported to a sultry summer day in Rome, watching the beautiful Italians stroll by, while enjoying a cooling spray from the Trevi fountain.

But I digress…back to Brand Passionista.

Branding is tough, especially these days when there is so much turmoil and uncertainty. But if you’re a real Brand Passionista you are not deterred. In fact, like me, you might be inspired.

There’s so many new things to get excited about: trends, behaviors, technologies etc.

And there’s never before been so much focus on brand. Even my kids can have a credible discussion about brand. For example they bring a level of commercial savvy and insight to discussions about Hannah Montana- that I never possessed at their age. They can speak passionately and credibly about her seamless crossover from TV, to music, to movies, to fashion and back again. They can talk about her as a brand. They are budding Brand Passionistas.

Of course, there is a fair amount of negative energy and cynicism out there around brand. This seems particularly rampant in the blogosphere.

Sure there’s also a lot going on with brands that can make your blood boil: green washing, twitter-mania, too many brands trying too hard to be my friend etc.

But I think it’s all good. Passion is the secret to great branding. You have to always be unsatisfied, wanting more..asking “what if” and “what else” and “what the ???”.

And branding is art, it is fashion. It’s hot and trendy and crave-worthy when you see something you must have or someone you envy.

So I think we should all embrace our inner Passionistas and revel in the obsessive, crazy world of brand that we’re lucky enough to be a part of.

OK, I am getting off my soap box now…stepping off very carefully in my fabulously impractical but drop-dead gorgeous high heel shoes.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?

Are you a Brand Passionista too?

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Julie is the Founder and CEO of BrandTwist, a brand consultancy that helps entrepreneurs and corporations build stronger, more profitable brands.


  1. It never ceases to amaze me. A powerful brand can open so many doors opportunities and give you the liberty/authority to play in arenas you ordinarily ought not play….

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