Thank you to all the generous and creative entrepreneurs, business owners,  solopreneurs and Brand School attendees. You continuously inspire me. Your recommendations and testimonials are very much appreciated. – Julie   

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Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 11.58.12 AM“Check this out. I had the opportunity to attend this class and my business is thriving as never before!” – Joan Bigg, Joan Big Design

“With 1600 members and 50+ events behind us, time to take it up a notch: we’re going to #Brand #School with @JCottin!” – Stamford Tech Meetup, @StamTech

“Hitting a stride with @JCottin’s course at @StamfordiCenter…” – Max von Stein, @driveSKIPS

“BrandTwist’s Julie Cottineau was instrumental in our rebranding strategy! Couldn’t be happier with her fresh ideas!” – Linda Rey, Rey Insurance

“Julie’s target definition, pillars, promise, and of course her “twist”…not only helped me truly define my platform, but she pulled out of me the exact and perfect words to describe what I do. She did in 12 weeks what I spent years trying to figure out. Julie is truly the Master.” – Sara Sherman CEO & Founder

“Brand School helped me get the business’ name, brand promise and message clear. I think it speaks perfectly to my target audience, thank you… And thanks also for the networking opportunities which have led to big support in my emerging business.” – Nell Panero, Education Consultant

“I am a proud graduate of Brand School! I thought I knew about branding before but this course took it to another level. I loved it!” – McKenna Ripley, Graphic Designer

“A Brand Health Check is the first step toward obtaining a healthy, strong brand that does all the hard work for you. If your brand doesn’t have a strong pulse, Julie will get you to healthy in no time!” – Sara Sherman, CEO & Founder

“Brand School turned out to be like the Mastercard commercial, priceless.The one-on-one sessions really allowed me to go deep into what my practice was about and how to implement it” – Sandeep Manchanda, Giraffe Partners Program Management

“Working with Brand School is an invaluable experience and a really great use of resources because it opens up so many doors and affects so many areas of  your business.” – Sarah Hinawi, Executive Director, The Purple Crayon Center for Learning and Innovation

“What I like a bout Julie’s approach to branding is that its so understandable to somebody who is not in the industry.” – Valerie Thompson, Founder Cushie B, LLC

“Brand School was a very good investment in my business. The biggest impact that Brand School has given me is to help me in my messaging for my business.The individualized time with Julie helped me to push myself harder” – Carolyn Browning, Chief Solutions Strategist, MEETing Needs LLC

“Brand School showed me what fun it is to actually work on my business.” – Jean Carucci, Carucci Consultants

“I’ve been able to take a look at the professionalism I offer and have been able to raise my prices to a level of which I didn’t have before.” – Ned Towle, Founderer Westchester Wine School

“I have had the good fortune of connecting with Julie Cottineau, of BrandTwist, while in the process of refining my business strategy…” – This is from a guest blog post written by Lynn Stull, Founder of See the rest of the post HERE.

“I got so much out of Brand School. My business has grown leaps and bounds, and I feel like I have much more solid branding and language around what I do. 🙂 So thank you!!” – Nathalie Lussier,

“Brand School’s guidance and support has helped grow my business to new depths of expansion, creativity and financial worth… and keep it growing and transforming to passionately share what I love with others.” – Deborah Coulter,

“I was all over the place when I started the course. Brand School really helped me focus. I came out of it with a foundation for my brand that I know will work. Without Brand School, it never would have happened.” – Nicole Lesser, Entrepreneur

“What an excellent experience. You have turned our business on its head! We are in the process of re-inventing our brand and company!” – Gavin Meiring, CEO, Rugged PC, South Africa

“Brand School totally exceeded my expectations! The videos combined with the exercises and personal feedback really made each session meaningful… It’s changed the way that I look at every interaction I have with the organizations that I deal with on a daily basis.” – Liz Osting, Herculiz Design

“I learned an immense amount from Julie’s class. It was wonderful to receive lessons from an experienced teacher that directly applied to my business.” – Liz Osting, Founder Herculiz Design

“Motivational! I’ve given recommendations to several clients about Brand School.” – Liz Osting, Founder Herucliz Design

“The Brand School program gave in-depth actionable tools for real business and cultural development and product innovation… far exceeding all expectation.” – Jamie Freitas, Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing

“I was very impressed by the content and presentation of the Brand School course… it was clear, colorful, full of examples and learning helps… insights and fascinating takes on branding. The feedback was supportive, illuminating and helpful.” – Ned Towle, Director Westchester Wine School

“Brand School helped us tremendously.  We had a lot of ideas for the branding of our company and applications, but Brand School’s templates and Julie’s advice helped us be much more focused and effectively boil down all the ideas into a few key concepts.  It saved us a ton of time, and we got to a name – Light After Loss – that resonates with our customers”. – Charles Moore, Founder and CEO, LightPath Apps

“Brand School was helped us set structure to our process, define our target and recognize our customer’s motivations. We were able to create timely taglines and better-defined branding campaigns.” – Randi Curhan, Development Coordinator for Redwood High School Foundation, Non-profit

“The value I received from my investment was incredible and I have no doubt that it will continue to pay dividends to me.”  – Lynn Stull, Owner Arts2Thrive

“Through Julie’s feedback I learned critical information about my demographic audience, what I was trying to say with my story, and what I stood for.” – Lynn Stull, Owner Arts2Thrive

“Brand School was engaging and helpful to me in learning more about myself and my business. Results came amazingly quick. Now, my brand name speaks my message immediately and I’ve expanded my reach.”  – Lynn Stull, Owner Arts2Thrive

“Julie was so generous and gave us so much depth.  I learned my core message and how to package and brand it so I could stand out from the crowd.” – Dr. Marina Kostina, Distance Learning Specialist, CEO of  wired@heart

“Taking the Brand School program was THE best decision I ever made for my business.” – Dr. Marina Kostina, Distance Learning Specialist, CEO of  wired@heart

“I highly recommend this program to anybody, to both those who have been in business for a long time, and those just starting out because it will put your business on a different level.” – Dr. Marina Kostina, Distance Learning Specialist, CEO of wired@heart

“Brand School helped me get clear on my messaging and my brand. Now my clients know exactly what it is I bring to my classes.” – Josh Pais, Actor and Founder of CommittedImpulse, creativity workshop

“Brand School allowed me to get to the essence of my brand. I was able to hone and tighten up my brand. Thank you, Julie, it’s a great program.” – Jonathan Flaks, President, Jonathan Flaks Coaching Associates

“I learned a lot from Brand School.  It inspired me to think outside the box. I have a much deeper understanding of how to effectively build a brand.” – Mike Sass, Entrepreneur

“I was amazed at the depth of information and the practical easy to understand program resources that were provided by Brand School. Julie delivered on her brand promise and taught me in an easy to understand format how to do the same for my business.” – Mike Sass, Entrepreneur

“If anyone needs to understand the PROPER professional way that WILL make a difference for branding your business, Brand School is your go to source.” – Mike Sass, Entrepreneur

“Quality information. The value is priceless. I loved every minute of it! I’ve recommended Brand School to industry friends and colleagues.” – Barbara Wanzo, Non-profit Homeowner Services

“I never realized how much branding could help me make better business decisions! Thanks to Brand School – I have finally gotten it…. Whew!” – Malla Haridat, Coaching for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

“I’ve taken quite a few courses on branding and marketing overall. However, what attracted me to Brand School was Julie’s experience with branding from a corporate level.” – Malla Haridat, Coaching for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

“I received huge value from Brand School. You can’t put a price on that experience. I loved the integrated learning experience and that we walked out of the series with a working brand strategy.” – Rachel Watkins, Brand Development for Large Businesses

“Julie’s active participation in Brand School and feedback was amazing and helped a LOT. I received great value from this program.”  – Leslie Hughes, PUNCH!media

“BrandTwist was definitely a worthwhile investment. Even though I have had over 15 years experience in marketing, digging deeper into my core values while receiving feedback and encouragement helped me to take my brand to a whole new level.” Leslie Hughes, PUNCH!media 

“Julie gave great examples in Brand School that inspired me to think outside the box. I especially appreciate her attention to everyone’s brands and her insightful comments. Thank you!” – Jamie Lacroix, Marketing Department for a Non-profit

“Brand School exceeded my expectations. I went in a bit of a brand daze and stepped out of it with a great deal of brand clarity and exciting ideas for the future of my brand.” – Jamie Lacroix, Marketing Department for a Non-profit

“It was great pulling everything together from touch points, to pillars. I would recommend Brand School to any small biz owner or entrepreneur.” – Sarah Weiss, Event Consulting

“I’m forever grateful for my opportunity at Brand School. Thank you again Julie Cottineau, for sharing your branding toolbox with me.” – Sara Weiss, Event Consulting

“Brand School gave my business its wings. I was struggling with a company name and how to tell my story. Brand School’s coaching helped me develop my brand and core values. Julie is an incredible thought partner with brilliant ideas. I would recommend this course to any entrepreneur.” – Sarah Weiss, Event Consulting

“Brand School had great examples of real companies. I was able to dig even deeper, think of things in a new way, and get new ideas for my brand. It was well worth the fee.” – Brenda Dillion Cavette, Fashionista Tea

“If you are starting a business and beginning to build your brand – Brand School is a must class for you! The exercises really help you to focus and re-focus on what branding your company is all about.  You will get results you can use for the future,” – Brenda Dillion Cavette,  Fashionista Tea

“I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for Brand School for the challenges, the lessons, the webinars and answering my e-mails whenever I had personal questions.  I felt I got a lot out of the class and have grown more in all you have to think about when you start and grow your business.” – Brenda Dillion Cavette, Fashionista Tea

“When my partner and I formed our law firm, Pomeroy + Prieur LLP, we had only vague ideas about how to market ourselves. Julie gave us focus. She helped to identify our target market, showcase our unique strengths and effectively communicate how we can ad value to our client’s businesses.” – Jeremy Pomeroy, Partner, Pomeroy + Prieur, LLP

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