This pamphlet gives further support to Marshall McLuhan‘s statement that “the medium is the message”.

While I in no way support the Jews for Jesus organization that publishes and circulates this pamphlet, I do have to (begrudgingly) tip my hat to their marketing prowess.

To get a pamphlet that reads “Beware of Religious Fanatics Handling Out Pamphlets” from a group that many consider fanatical and that is indeed handing out pamphlets…well pretty clever way to address the issue head on.

It certainly made me pick up and read the pamphlet.

While my views on their beliefs have not changed after reading the piece…I have to give credit where credit is due.

I would love to see more brands turn their perceived weakness into a point of engagement and to make more clever use of traditional mediums.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?

How have you seen brands use the “medium as the message” in new and interesing ways?

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  1. While I have not seen any other others, I have to admit I will be using this tactic in my own business. I work with a group of people who have a very unique way of looking at aging. I believe they have challenged the status quo… They’re introducing a brand new technology that everybody wants but nobody else can have because only we have the exclusive rights to it, 16 patents, 31 scientifc papers. It’s in the field of genetics. We are a direct sales company & a multi level marketing company but do have a traditional advertising component which makes us different from all the rest. But some people just can’t seem to get past that.

    SO, thanks to you, I will market head on, BEWARE OF MLM OR PYRAMID SCHEMES, & hopefully this will work here as well! I believe once they look on my website, the first video deals head on with prejuding things that could have been simply amazing.

    You just never know!


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