Who are your Oscar Faves?

This Sunday is the 82nd annual Academy Awards. In case you need a refresher on who is nominated, click here.

This year’s nominees are an interesting mix of big budget blockbusters  (Avatar) and smaller, more quirky pieces (An Education).

I think it will be hard to ignore the commercial success (and technical prowess) of Avatar- which I think will walk away with Best Picture. But I also think this may also be a year of the underdog as the national rejection of all things “big business” could permeate the voting.

I think we may see smaller films like Precious rewarded for best supporting actress (Mo’Nique) and Crazy Heart taking home the precious statue for Best Actor (Jeff Bridges).

What are your Oscar predictions? Who do you think will go home with the gold?

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    • I agree completey Susan. Fisher King, for example, is one of my all time favorite movies. Fingers crossed for tomorrow night.

  1. And Tucker. i just loved Tucker. A never give up story. And Seabiscuit. Such a great performance in a fabulous movie. In both of those roles the determination and joy of the characters just shines through, even when the odds were against him. And American Heart. To me, that performance was the precursor to his role in Crazy Heart.

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