What has this confession done to the Letterman brand?

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  1. Relevant post on separating the art from the artist here. Wouldn’t say Letterman has gone as far as some of the people cited in the comments. But do we want/expect our artists to be flawed?

  2. I found this confession to be awkward and painful to watch, but honestly, I think at the end of the day any damage it may cause to Letterman’s brand will be made up for by all of the credit he is getting for addressing it directly. And though what he did was obviously questionable, but he certainly isn’t alone in acting this way, and I do think it was smart and somewhat commendable of him to discuss it so directly.

  3. I thought his confession and the way it was handled was brilliant, actually. I thought it was funny the way he addressed it, and i think he did a good job getting out in front of the media/press.

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