“Many Americans unwittingly eat ‘impostor’ lobster from Canada. They have to trust my name.”

Linda L. Bean, LL Bean Heiress

Speaking on her attempts to create a new brand of certified lobster under the Bean name, quoted in the New York Times, October 7th, 2009.

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  1. There are so many interesting issues here. First, branding lobster is a fascinating idea, and as some of the people quoted in the story note, it could well have the effect of boosting demand even for Maine lobsters without the Bean brand name tattoed (or whatever) on them. Second, I just can’t get past Ms. Bean’s theory that “claws” sound too scary for people to eat and that a better name (a la chicken fingers/tenders) is necessary to make them really sell. I can tell you fer darned sure that I’m not interested in eating anything called lobster fingers, no matter where they come from. But I suppose that folks like us who were brought up next to the ocean in New England probably aren’t the people Ms. Bean is going to be marketing to. Now, those folks might really like some lobster tenders for dinner because they can’t figure out how to cut into the hard red shell with a fork and knife. Me, I’ll just stick with some good old M’head soft-shells fresh from the traps in the ‘hahbah’.

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