CIMG2413A Tree Fell on My House

It was Wednesday around lunch time during a freak windstorm.

Nobody was home, nobody was hurt.

A tree fell on my house

The evidence is there in full and impressive color.

Yet I am still having trouble wrapping my head around this.

A pretty typical sunny Wednesday (although a bit windy).

An apparently healthy tree (according to the “tree guy” who eventually removed it).

My daughter who is scared of storms has often worried that’s such a thing would happen.

After all we live in Westchester surrounded by trees.

But we always brushed this off as an overactive imagination mixed with a flair for drama.

Our typical response: “don’t be silly, these trees won’t fall.”

But one did.

A tree fell on my house.

How bizarre!

After two days of reflection, here’s what I’ve been able to process so far:

A tree fell on my house:

– The unexpected can and does happen.

– You “worst” fear often turns out to be not so bad.

Yes there’s damage, and money involved, and insurance claims etc. but those are just inconveniences not tragedies.

– People will usually rise to the occasion in trying circumstances

In our case I am impressed by two people.

Our neighbors (it’s their tree) who have been kind, generous and concerned – even offering for us to sleep at their house.

My daughter.

Who did not (as I feared) have an anxiety attack. She actually took in surprisingly well.

A bit shook up, but  relatively OK and even excited to show the photo around school.

My last lesson?

– As much as we try to control everything in our hyper organized lives…

…mother nature always has the last laugh.

A tree fell on my house.

And it’s okay.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?
What would happen if a tree fell on your house?

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  1. Julie,

    A tree HAS already fallen on our house…our house of cards built on the foundation of financial monkey business. This tree is also a harbinger of things to come. Is this proverbial tree a metaphor for the environmental time bomb that is the next crisis to hit?

    I love the observation that basic goodness of humanity will ultimately shine through. And, while unexpected things are bound to happen, sometimes it always pays to go with your instincts, to listen to the little hints and warning signs that something may be around to happen. Your daughter may be clairvoyant…who does she like in the World Series this year?

  2. Wow, that would scare the crap out of me! That’s good there wasn’t too much damage. I lived by this house that a car drove right through the front of the house. Horrible accident, but everything was good and no one hurt.

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