What’s on your holiday wish list this year?

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  1. I wish Americans would call the Holidays, Christmas.

    I’m not a Christian but it’s dreadfully disrespectful to those that are.

    I know I’m fighting a loosing battle with this but it’s nice to get off my chest 🙂

    • @Floyd as someone who celebrates Hannukah I’m not sure if I agree. Calling it Christmas feels exclusionary to me.

      But I do agree that respect and tolerance of all religions (and all lifestyles for that matter- shame on you NY State) should be on the top of everyone’s list.

      Thanks, as always, for commenting.

  2. I don’t really have any specific items on my list this year. As has been mentioned before, the mood of this season seems to be all about simplicity, appreciation, and giving back. In my circle, gifts and cards are being replaced with dinner invitations and phone calls.

    That said I wouldn’t turn down a new LED HD TV.

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