Great day yesterday at Columbia Business School talking innovation with the students in Professor Toubia’s marketing class.

Some interesting student generated ideas about new places the Virgin brand could go. Everywhere from condoms to senior living facilities for today’s hip, active Boomers. Definitely a lot to think about.

Pleased to see so many students taking control of their own futures and planning to start businesses of their own. The upside of this terrible economy..more entrepreneurs. My preview yesterday of the passion and intelligence of this group makes me confident they will succeed.

Lots of questions during and after the lectures on how to create a brand that’s as strong as your business idea. Exactly the content we will be covering in our  Brand in a Box: Branding for Entrepreneurs class on July 15th in NYC.

As promised, here’s the updated link to the event.

We’ve been able to reduce the price to $250 thanks to a corporate sponsor.

We’d love to have students join (men and women welcome) and have decided to give a special offer of two tickets for the price of one for students only. If you are a student, choose 2 tickets and enter the discount code student to access this offer.

That’s my POV what’s your twist?

Are you a student (or young) entrepreneur? What are the biggest challenges you are facing? We’d love to hear from you.

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