(Tiger Woods) “is no longer the right representative for our brand after the circumstances of the last two weeks.”

-Global consulting firm Accenture this Sunday on their decision to end a six year endorsement contract as reported in Advertising Age

Will Tiger’s other sponsors (AT&T, NIke, Pepsico, EA Sports) also leave Tiger in his tracks?

Do you think they should?

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  1. It’s a thin line, and I waffle myself sometimes…

    It’s not like he did anything illegal. He did not break any laws; he did not commit a crime; he did not cheat his profession (i.e. PEDs), or bet on his game(s) which in some corners of the sports world, is considered the most evil deed of all (see Rose, Pete). On those accounts, he probably outshines a healthy percentage of our elected Government Officials. But I digress…

    What he did was violate the sanctity of his marriage, something that if Tiger Woods were John Q. Private-Citizen wouldn’t be worth a hill of beans to anyone. But he isn’t. His face is plastered everywhere. If he truly were John Q. Private-Citizen, there is no way Rolex would have him on Pg 3 of The Robb Report, either.

    Companies likes Accenture, Gillette, Gatorade & Buick pay an awful lot of money (RIDICULOUS sums to the non-celebrity world) to Woods & others to represent their world-wide “Brand” with a certain image. Woods’ public flogging brought his own squeaky-clean Brand crashing down. Plenty of others have befallen the same fate, while plenty haven’t (see Jeter, Derek) and still earn gobs of money from both sides.

    Let’s not cry for Woods whom has won over $100M in Golf prize-money as it’s #1 player, and is a Billion-dollar celebrity/athlete based on his endorsements.

    I’d say they have the right to pull the plug now because it won’t be long before Woods settles his, ahem, private affairs, gets back on the Golf Course, starts winning tournaments all over again, and signs with Cadillac instead of Buick, and has a laugh at his own transgression(s) while depositing another bazillion in the bank.

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