Do these Tiger golf balls cross the line?   Tigertail

These Tiger Woods Mistress golf balls hit the news yesterday and according to the media have at least one of his alleged former mistresses up in arms.

What do you think? Is this a harmless “novelty” product taking advantage of an outrageous scandal or do you agree that there’s something darker at play here? Do these promote violence against women?

Personally I think they cross the line. I have a hard time with the notion of hittin women’s faces -even if it’s done in “sport”.

Wondering  if they will sell and who will buy them.

What’s your twist?

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  1. from where I sit, it’s completely unnecessary, over the top, crosses a line, & inexcusably inappropriate.

    but then again, for some of the “good ole boy” country-club mentality with it’s still-in-existence, yet-archaic restrictions based on sex, race, etc., they might buy them up in droves.

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