What are you thankful for this year?

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  1. ever since ringing in 2008 from a hospital bed covering from surgery, my health never drops too low on that list! My family comes next. Without either one of them, not a whole lot else matters. The other “stuff” tends to fall into place around that.

  2. I’m thankful for the many daily blessings that I often take for granted. Good health, supportive friends and family, happy children, a wonderful safe community, the ability to live in a country that respects and protects individual rights.

    I think we all need to be more mindful of how much we have. I love how Thanksgiving helps bring this front and center.

    I am also thanksful for my readers and their passionate and insightful comments. I appreciate each one.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. I don’t want to get heavy here but I think I need to be thankful for pain.

    Particularly emotional pain. WIthout going into details, I’m at that age where people are dying around me (grandparents, baby stuff, first wave of nasty shit with friends etc).

    Without this intense pain there would be no respect for life in benign mode. I don’t even want to be entertained anymore, I just want to be left alone 🙂

    So I give thanks to peace.


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