What was your best Halloween costume?

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  1. I was a Rubic’s Cube one year – I got the box from a neighborhood grocer and painted it myself. It was a great costume!

  2. OK, it wasn’t mine but back in the ’80s a friend showed up at a party in a tennis outfit…and a rubber knife in her back…as Monica Seles. in high school a bunch of my friends all dressed up as grannies [or bubis], stockings rolled down to knees, sensible shoes, etc. but my favorite was when i was living in LA and friends worked at Western Costume where you could go and rent outfits from every film in history. I was Mae West; my husband was a Canadian Mountie.

  3. It was my son’s sixth grade costume: He had on a skeleton costume (think black and white bones) and had a string bikini over it. He wore a blond wig, sunglasses and a cell phone around his neck. Who was he? Nicole Ritchie. I thought it was brilliant.

  4. Last year my husband convinced me to join him in dressing as ‘Team Zissou’ from the life aquatic with red hats, blue sweats, …the whole works

    Most people thought we were evil smurfs but here’s the amazing thing about New York….not only did we find people who actually knew who were dressed up as, we also found three others dressed the same!

    I guess we weren’t as original as we thought!

  5. When I was really little, my mother found some type of gigantic paper grocery bag, cut arm holes in it, and made fake groceries that stuck out of the top. I was a hit!

  6. The year the ipod was introduced. A white pillowcase with the Ipod drawing and a children’s playlist. It was on a friend’s child.

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