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There’s a fundamental flaw with the majority of research polls.

By their very design, they make assumptions on what questions are relevant and/or predictive.

In other words, the poll results are only as good as the questions that have been asked.

But what if the assumptions on what’s important are wrong? Then the data is not so useful.

For example, I could do a survey on airline travel satisfaction and ask lots of questions about seat comfort.

However, maybe I didn’t think to ask about food quality, which might be the key driver for a lot of respondents.

In this case, the relevance of the data is limited by the assumptions and bias of the researcher (me).

My friends at Urtak have set out to change this.

They’ve got a cool new algorithm that gives three possible responses to each question: Yes, No, Don’t Care.

It constantly rotates the questions and over time helps the researcher remove the questions that no one cares about.

It also allows the respondent to suggest and add questions of their own (as long as it fits the yes/no/don’t care format).

I thought this was so fun and so interesting that I decided to add an Urtak of my own.

See my side bar on the blog under the BrandTwist Urtak.

Take a minute to answer/add some questions about branding (anything weird, wacky or wonderful that’s on your mind).

Make sure to check back often as new questions will be continually added (by me and hopefully by you).

I don’t know about you, but I find it fascinating, and a bit addictive.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?
What do you think of Urtak?

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  1. Absolutely Julie- Different questions asked using different language and different grammar( the use of double negatives v positives etc)can make such a difference to what we think consumers feel, believe and behave.
    I love your blog………what a great way to share your thoughts and ideas

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