hybridfallbigWhat is a Hybrid Mom?

Hybrid Mom is a magazine I learned about at last week’s Women’s Conference.

How do you know if this magazine is for you?

Well according to their website, you are a Hybrid mom…

If you have ever:

– Owned a purse that functions as a diaper bag, laptop case, tote and/or contains both a cell phone and some stray Cheerios

– Prayed that your mute button is not broken while on a conference call

– Had a great idea for a business, but no clue what to do with it

– Worked from a local coffeehouse to have more peace and quiet then at the home office

– Had to make the choice between a big meeting and a little league game

– Thought “balance” is overrated, yet strived for some form of it each day

I think the concept is interesting. I personally answered “yes” to all of the above.

The summer issue is available for free in a digital version on the website.

The current issue has volleyball star/model/mom Gabriel Reece on the cover and features articles on social networking, getting organized and three great getaways to refresh and recharge.

I think most of us (men and women) play multiple roles these days (both personally and professionally). So I like the idea of a magazine that takes this on.

I’m not sure, however, if I’m so crazy about the branding.

The title strikes me as a bit off in two ways.

First Hybrid makes me think of a combination of two things.

I looked up the definition on line and it confirms this: “a combination of two different things results in the development of a hybrid”.

In my life I feel like I am juggling a combination of many more things than two.

Mother, wife, professional, sister, daughter, friend, blogger etc.

The second thing I don’t quite like is that Hybrid makes me think of Hybrid cars which automatically make me think the magazine is going to have a “green” aspect.

From the content I’ve seen so far, this doesn’t seem to be a key thread.

But I wonder if it will alienate some moms like me who consider themselves more “light green” than “dark green”.

Nevertheless, I think it’s an interesting magazine and one worth checking out.

That’s my point of view. What’s your twist?

What do you think of the Hybrid Mom concept?

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  1. I had never heard or seen this magazine before your post. So I dug a little deeper. I am intrigued by the concept and I actually do like the name and YES… we all are trying to “balance”(I hate that word) so many critical and competing priorities. Frankly, though, I find the content no more than a lifestyle magazine and frankly not an authority on travel or social media. Given my limited time I would rather grab for the vertical mags that address dinner in under 30 mins and travel getaways. Maybe it translates better as an emag but I’m not sold yet. Call me cynical, but after 15 yrs of being a hybrid mom, I realize there is no solution except be true to yourself then everything does fall into place.

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