We are living in a “hands free” world. With the invention of Bluetooth technology we are able to operate just about everything without having to hold onto it. But a busy mom or dad will tell you that you need to have one, if not both, hands on board to feed a bottle to an infant – and there are many times when that’s difficult to manage. What parents need is an innovation in bottle-feeding that will make their lives easier. So what if you took a typical baby bottle and TWISTED it with a Bluetooth hands-free device? Enter Podee®, the original hands-free bottle-feeding system. This can be used in strollers, car seats or anywhere parents need an extra hand for feeding baby.

This is a good example of how knowing your customer can lead to innovations to make their lives easier. Podee understood what a busy parent really needed and they innovated to create a revolutionary, stand-alone bottle feeder and line of accessories that benefit both of their ideal customers – parents and baby.

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“Brand School was helped us set structure to our process, define our target and recognize our customer’s motivations. We were able to create timely taglines and better define our branding campaigns.” – Randi Curhan, Development Coordinator for Redwood High School Foundation, Non-profit

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Julie is the Founder and CEO of BrandTwist, a brand consultancy that helps entrepreneurs and corporations build stronger, more profitable brands.


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