Yesterday I wrote about using Video to Spice Up Things Up  in your brand communications.

In response, one BrandTwist follower sent me this video from Gillette. It   gives how-to instructions for men on keeping their private parts well-groomed.

I think their phrase “When there’s no under-brush the tree looks taller” sums up the video’s message pretty well.

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  1. It’s bad enough that society is encouraging women to look like prepubescents (something to do with a renewed, reassertion of masculine subjugation of women in the wake of a post-feminist society), without trying to pull this trick on men too.

    That’s the problem with late-stage capitalism, it has to keep making new markets and demands, beyond the point of usefulness. Unless you’re a male porn star, why would this appeal to a man?

    My tree looks fine in it’s natural setting thank you 🙂


  2. I, uh, am a bit speechless. And if you know me, I rarely am at a loss for some kind of remark.

    I don’t even know if this offends me, is too comical to fathom, too risque for my over-35 mentality or what.

    I was torn between laughing and saying: “wtf?!?” Gillette calling for “Manscaping?” Really?! While being true to its products and what they can do, it does seem a little outside the realm of what I’d expect from that brand.

    Oy vey…

    • @Gregg, @Floyd looks like this video might have hit a sensitive spot 🙂 I can appreciate the reactions to the subject. I am also curious from BrandTwist readers about whether you think this is a good use of “instructional” video -( leaving perhaps the feelings about the specific topic a bit aside).

      Have you seen any similar situations where Video as a medium has added a new spin to either a difficult or pedestrian topic?

  3. Instructional videos are kind of addictive for me. My hobby over the past year or so has been brewing my own beer.

    Watching the frankly dreadful videos on line featuring large men with beards destroying their home kitchens has been a constant source of free and educational entertainment.

    Julie, should we meet in *cough* meat space, then I’ll tell you about the time I met the King of Shave people in a meeting.

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