The weather. Everyone likes to talk about it and there seems to be an endless supply of breaking weather news with TV and online updates, radio reports and The Weather Channel. But here’s the thing – most of this endless chatter doesn’t give us the info we really need: what’s happening in my exact neighborhood at this precise moment and in the next few minutes.

Dark Sky app for iPhone and iPad tells you exactly that. They put a twist on delivering the weather news. They took on the tedious task of filtering through the volume of information we usually have to sift through, curated it and personalized it for us. Dark Sky took the guess-work out of our weather news searching and made it easier for us to know immediately what is happening, right at this very moment, exactly were we are standing, and what we can expect in the next 30-minutes or so.

Dark Sky didn’t invent weather reporting and they didn’t create the first weather app. They put a twist on how the information is delivered. They gave us what we wanted, where and when we wanted it. Your business can do that too.

I hear from so many entrepreneurs that they fear their idea won’t stand out. “There are so many other weather resources out there.” But often what makes a business or brand stand out is not the product or service itself, but how it is delivered.

Think about the ways your market uses what you offer, then curate and filter it for them. Make your business easy to access and maximize the utility for your customers and your brand will be walking in sunshine.

Creating a better user experience by curating and personalizing is an effective means to deliver a powerful brand promise. It takes innovative thinking and strategic planning to identify what your market is looking for and how to bring those ideas to the forefront. Don’t be left out in the rain. Brand Schoolour highly effective, premier branding program will give you the insight and tools you need to walk on the sunny side of the street. Receive more information about Brand School’s next session and get free brand-building tools and tips when you join our mailing list.

This post is part of our Brands That Twist series celebrating innovative brands. Read about other breakthrough brands and more ways to grow your business and brand here

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