Bert and Ernie Rock Google!

In case you missed it. The celebration continues. Miss Piggy are you next? What's your twist? Will we being seeing that fabulous pig and her beloved Kermy?

TWISTING to Help Causes Succeed on Selfish Giving Podcast

BrandTwist Founder & CEO, Founderj of and author to "TWIST: How Fresh Perspectives Build Breakthrough Brands" is the featured guest on CauseTalk Radio,...

Hone Your Elevator Pitch

This post is part of our series, “Thirteen Tips For Stronger Branding.” See the rest of the series HERE. TIP # 10: HONE YOUR ELEVATOR PITCH  No...


Great partnership between Google and Sesame Street. Multiple executions ...but still  fresh each time. In case you missed him, Elmo. In all his vibrating glory. And here's the ensemble,...

Love YOUR Brand

I officially declare February the month to LOVE YOUR BRAND! Taking care of YOUR brand helps you do a better job for your clients....

Why Brands Like American Girl Build Fans Not Customers

Great brands touch consumers hearts, not just their heads. They go beyond rational proof points and connect on an emotional level, and that’s why...

Google and Sesame Street…Who’s Next?

Yesterday it was Big Bird. Today it's Cookie Monster. Happy 40th Sesame Street! Wonder who's next... What's your twist? Is this an effective brand partnership?

The Pocket Dial: An iPhone and Fashion Twist

Love your phone, but don't know where to put it when you're dressed for a nice evening out? Women can stash their phones in...

A Sweet Twist That Delivers Results

Many non-profits rely on volunteers – but some actions, like giving blood, require a temporarily unpleasant experience to contribute to long term benefits. The Australian...